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Quarter Lounge is a Family Friendly
Old School Video Game Arcade Blast From the Past

Enjoy tons of the old favorite arcade games like Ms. Pacman,
Galaga, Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, Super Mario Bros,
Donkey Kong, Double Dragon, Sega Outrun and so many more.

We also have Pinball and the best retro consoles like the Super Nintendo,
Atari 2600, N64, Sega Genesis, xBox and more. View All Now


1) Introduce somebody new to the arcade. Many do not want to go out for public entertainment just yet and we get it. We are committed to our safety procedures and if you are comfortable coming to the arcade please do so regularly and introduce a friend to the arcade when you do. Ask them to do the same and introduce somebody else new to the arcade. This type of grass roots growth will help us get back to where we need to be and stay there.

2) Rent out the arcade for a private party. If you are not comfortable in a public setting then consider renting out the arcade on a Monday, Tuesday or any other time we are not open to the public so that you and your family or those you are quarantining with can get out and have some fun. We will arrive before you come and disinfect all machine control panels. $40 per hour all you can play with a 2 hour minimum ($50 per hour starting July 1st).

3) Spread the word.  If you want to see the arcade continue but can't get out to the arcade or are not comfortable going out then please follow our social media and share us everywhere! Please tell your friends and shout it from the mountain tops! (not that we have many of those here in Texas.)


  • Every employee is required to check their temperature and oxygen level. If their temperature is above 100F or oxygen level is 95% or below they are not to open the arcade or work their shift.

  • Everyone inside the arcade is encouraged to wear a face covering that covers their mouth and nose but is not mandatory.

  • Had sanitizer is available throughout the arcade in different locations including the entrance and staff counter.

  • We disinfect and wipe down all games throughout the day and upon request before you play any game.

  • The arcade layout has been adjusted to be more open our business model change to support safer practices by customers and employees.



Serving Dallas / Fort Worth - DFW Metroplex
Play All of Your Old Favorite Arcade and Console Games!
Ms Pacman GalagaDouble DragonFinal FightArea 51 Maximum Force
TextStreet Fighter II1943 Battle for MidwayNeo Geo
Sega OutrunUltimate Mortal Kombat 3NBA Hang Time NFL Blitz

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